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We're here to help

We'd love to meet with you to see how we can help you build a plan to keep you connected and moving forward. We are dedicated to maintaining a network of partners and industry experts so that if we can’t help, we'll do our best to find someone who can. 

We recognize that every entrepreneur is different so your needs will be too.

Your plan may include:

Advice, Assistance and On-Site Coaching
Our connections to business consultants, mentors, and start-up support services can help you set goals and objectives, review progress and define strategies.

Entrepreneurial Development
At tecconnect, we continue to seek out training and professional development opportunities designed specifically with our clients in mind. This includes programs such as the Discovery Series, Validate Series, How to Make a Pitch, 3Day Startups, Business Model Canvas and more!

Knowledge Sharing
The incubator culture is all about the opportunity to share your knowledge and learn from others. While this happens in an organic way based on the culture in the centre, we also create opportunities like our signature "Ask Me Anything" Series.

Clients in the centre have been successful in securing funding and grants through private investment and government programs.

We also offer training and support services to help entrepreneurs beyond the walls of the centre and would encourage you to check out the events calendar to find out more.

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Did You Know?

Lethbridge College is the only school in North America to have a 22-metre wind turbine training tower specific to the wind turbine industry on their campus.