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"We started our operations in January 2012, around the same time tecconnect opened its doors to Information Technology companies. In addition to having access to a great facility, continuous support from tecconnect for networking, media exposure and many other day to day business operations have greatly helped us to focus on our technology. Thanks to this support, OBACS solutions are now being used in the development of more advanced software applications in Research, GIS, Oil & Gas and many other fields in various countries."

Coskun Oba
President and CEO
OBACS Corperation

"Having tecconnect and WhipCord as partners not only makes great sense from a geographic location, since the founder of FailProof Technology is located in Lethbridge, but it’s great from a business sense as well. It’s a no brainer trying to leverage as many local resources when trying to launch any business, which was a consideration for us. More importantly however, is having the right partners, no matter where they are located. WhipCord is a great data centre partner, since they built a great facility and they are committed to working with us. Having our office space next door with tecconnect is a great convenience but most important, is the services and resources the team at tecconnect make available to us as a growing company."

Akiad Diaz
FailProof Technology Inc.

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Did You Know?

There has been more than $1billion worth of non-residential construction in Lethbridge over the past 10 years.